Mgr. Martin Kosek, MBA

What can I help you with

Therapeutic Counselling

Individual and Couples Private Therapeutic Counselling.

Business Coaching

Individual and team-based Psychodynamic Coaching.

Psychological Diagnostics

Psychological Diagnostics for Counselling and Work Psychology.


of my clients

Andrea Kalousová

Professional Model, The Czech Miss World 2015

"Nowadays, it is not easy to find a responsible person you can fully trust. The more grateful I am that I've met Martin - who is such a person. We have known each other for more than 5 years and when my first struggles came - he was a clear choice. Knowing him for so long and knowing how he works, I did not hesitate a second. He helps me to look at myself and my life in a completely different perspective and this is something I would not manage on my own. I am genuinely looking forward to each session. Martin is always well prepared, and each time leaving his office I feel balanced and good-tempered. I value him not only as my good friend, but also as a top professional in his field.

Marek Aberl

Regional Manager in Profi FP

In cooperation with Martin I appreciate mainly 3 aspects. The first is the ability of insight. Regardless of whether we were dealing with work or personal topics, he was always able to get to the real heart of the problem. To go really deep and correctly name the things I have to deal with.
The second aspect I appreciate about Martin is his professionalism. Martin has a unique combination of expertise and clarity. He has great knowledge and he always explains everything clearly. As a result, a layman like me keeps up with him.
Lastly, I would like to mention trust. I have been working with Martin for almost 9 years, and with each meeting I only strengthen the sense of security I have had since the beginning of our contract. Martin is a person I can trust 100%.

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