Therapeutic Counselling

The Therapeutic Counselling helps to solve psychical problems of psychical healthy person (it is not a psychiatric or clinical help). The Counsellor looks into the personality of Client and through the counselling interviews helps Client to deal with his troubles. The Counsellor does not give advices, he solves the client´s story and together they are looking for solution.

Common fields of Therapeutic Counselling:

  • life crisis (I don´t know where am I, I have hard period of my life, I can´t to handle with it - for example: lost, couple or marital crisis, close person passed away etc.).
  • personal progress (I want to develop myself, try hard, improve my psycho-social skills - for example: communication, stress management, time management etc.).
  • social pathological phenomena (help with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, workaholism etc.).
  • relationships (struggles in establishing of new relationships partner- or personal-based, addiction to other person, disrespecting of own or others needs, unclear relationship boundaries etc.).

Types of Therapeutical Counselling:

  • individual
  • couples