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1.Private Psychosocial / Therapeutic Counselling

2. Business Coaching




Counselling is fucused on to solving psychic problems - mentally healthy people (not psychiatric or clinical-psychological). The counsellor deals with the client's overall personality during his professional work, and through his counselling interviews he helps him overcome his difficulties. The counsellor does not advise, but solves the client's story and finds solutions together.

Typical areas of counselling:


- life crisis (I do not know where I am, I have a difficult time, I stop managing it - eg: loss, partner or marital crisis, severe developmental changes, death of a close person, etc.).

- personality development (I want to develop, work on myself, improve in psychosocial skills - eg communication, stress management, time management etc.).

- social pathological phenomena (help with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, workoholism, etc.).

- relationships ( problems on contact with second people, conflicts in relationships – partnership, private, addiction on  the other person, disrespect own needs, disrespects the needs of other people, strong or lack borders in relationships


Forms of counselling:

- individual counselling

- Couple counselling



Coaching serves as a tool for a mentally healthy people, which have an interest in self-development. The coach performs the client with questions and helps him find solutions in his / her mostly / work situations. Coaching usually uses companies for their employees who want to further develop. Of course coaches can also be hired by an individual, usually a businessman or an athlete. As part of my practice, I focus most on business coaching and coaching in leadership.