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Professional profile


Profile:                        Social pathologist, Social educationalist, Counsellor,                                                               Soft skills consultant, Business Coach

Vice President of The Czech Association of Transactional Analysis                  (for the Election Period, 2019-2022)



Postgraduate education:


Supervising preparation for the International Transaction Analysis Exam - CTA under the leadership Éva Ács, TSTA - Specialization: Counselling. Currently more than 700 hours of training / education in transactional analysis. Current status of training in transactional analysis by the European Association for Transactional Analysis: "In TA training as a transactional analyst (counseling)".

Business Institut, s. r. o., Management soft skills  (degree: MBA) 

The Czech Association of Transactional Analyzes in cooperation with Éva Ács, TSTA (Hungarian Psychologist and Transaction Analyst) - Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis - Specialization: Counselling, in a total range of 166 hours.

Czech Association of Transactional Analysis in cooperation with European Association for Transactional Analysis - guarantor: PhDr. Blanka Čepická, Ph.D., PTSTA - Training in Transactional Analysis - a section called 3L3, totaling 348 hours.


Graduate education:


University of Hradec Králové, Social Pedagogy (degree: M.A.)

University of Hradec Králové, Social Pathology and Prevention (degree: B.A.)




Transactional Analysis learning with emergent process at TA works Oxford Summer school 2018 - Rosemary Napper TSTA (O, E, C) and Dr. Sylvia Schachner PTSTA (E) (international training and supervision group)


Verification of supervisions - 47 hours, Éva Ács TSTA (C), Hungary


World Conference for Transactional Analysis 2017, Berlin


Hogrefe Testcentrum, Psychodiagnostic methods of category A

Czech Association of Transaction Analyzes, The International Center for Business Coaching and ICF, TA and Coaching - Sandra Wilson, TSTA (O), MCC (ICF)

European Association for Transactional Analysis, Czech Association of Transactional Analysis,
- Coaching human systems, reporting adverse news, cultural impact on individuals


Czech Association of Transaction Analyzes, TA diagnostic of personalities and psychopathology in life with respect to the quality of relationships - Matthias Sell, TSTA (P, C, O, E)

International Association Operational Defence Group/Extreme Rescue Squad, Rescue Basic


European Association for Transactional Analysis, TA 101 - PhDr. Blanka Čepická, PTSTA (P)



PhDr. Blanka Čepická, Ph.D., PTSTA (P) - clinical psychologist, psychotherapist                      

Éva Ács, TSTA (C) - Hungarian psychologist and TA lector, specialization counseling

Dr. Mathias Sell, TSTA (P, C, O, E) - German psychologist, psychotherapist, TA lector

Rosemary Napper, TSTA (O, E, C) - English transactional analyst and supervisor


Work experience:


Independent Consultant, Consultant, Coach and Lecturer in Personality Development, Behavioral Diagnostics and Business Coaching: 2014 - Today

External Business Service Consultant (General Manager's Section) / Education & Development Specialist - Generali Insurance Company: 2014 - Today

Counsellor - Vinohrady Therapeutic Center, counseling, personality development,

life crisis, sociopathological phenomena - www.terapievinohrady.cz: 2012 - to this day

Managerial Trainer/ Coach - Česká pojišťovna, as for retail and SME segments: 2013 - 2014

Internal Coach, Trainer, Methodist - Česká pojišťovna, a. S., SME: 2007 – 2013

more at: cz.linkedin.com/pub/martin-kosek/52/771/827/


Other external cooperation:


Art of Change: collaborating consultant, www.artofchange.com

Šance dětem: collaborating expert, www.sancedetem.cz

Česká televize: external consultations for CT1 and CT24 news

Insia a. s .: external lectures at Insiafest 2012, 2013, 2014

Časopis prevence: publishing activity

Mladá fronta DNES: external consultations

Moje psychologie: external consultations


Membership in professional associations:


International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA)


European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA)


Česká asociace transakční analýzy (ČATA)


Graduade club University Hradec Králové (UHK)




Co-author of book: SELL, Matthias. Relationalität. 2018 - Relationship Transaction Analysis

- author on the web: www.sancedetem.cz - Crisis intervention